Sherrie Clark | Author-Writer-Speaker
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Communication Strategist, Speaker,

and Best-Selling Author


Maybe you were referred here or you landed here by accident; maybe you’re looking for a new engaging speaker for your next event or an author/ghostwriter/editor of best-selling and award-winning books to work with you on your book. Well, you’ve come to the right place! For on the pages of this website, you’ll see how I can be of significant benefit in raising profit and production for your organization and how I can help a new aspiring author write a quality book.


Through the pages of my website, I share an overview to give you a vision of my passions on communicating through speaking and writing a page-turner book to demonstrate my capabilities. I have extensive experience as a NYPD police officer to human resources to speaking to various sizes of audiences to writing for a newspaper and writing B2B copy and content and books.


You see, I specialize in the art of communication by either speaking on stage and radio, through online teaching courses, or consulting with new authors on how to write engaging books. This is what I do all day, every day, and I have done so for many years.


I am pleased to provide any additional information, answer your questions, and make sure I tailor my topics to fit whatever works for you. After all, it’s what you need that matters.


I can be reached directly at 904.955.0567 or at


So, take a look around, and I look forward to connecting with you!

Sherrie Clark as spotlighted in BOSS magazine for women’s leadership:


Need help with your story?

An Engaging and Effective Speaker Who Will Create an Intense Shift in How People Communicate in Business


Communication Speaking Topics:

  • Communicating Effectively and Appropriately in the Workplace
  • Bridging the Generational Communication Gaps in the Workplace
  • Communicating through Storytelling
  • The Art and Science of Time Management
  • How to Write a Best-Selling Book


(See summary and takeaways on each topic under Speaker tab.)

My Books As Seen On:

Atlanta Business Chronicle, Dallas Business Journal,
Jacksonville Business Journal,
Los Angeles Business from bizjournals (L.A. Biz),
Washington Business Journal, Boston Business Journal

Professional Book Specialist Services


Raising Up Authors to Write Best Sellers and Award-Winners Books


You can be the go-to expert author in your field or share your story with the world and become a best-selling author. With over 80 books to my credit, I have the experience to assist you every step of the way through my different services.

*Ghostwriting – Let our best-selling and award-winning ghostwriters turn your book into a page turner so that you can spend your time taking care of your business.   

*Editing, Rewriting, Book Doctoring – Make sure your manuscript flows and reads clearly, accurately, and professionally, whether you need only a few tweaks, a manuscript repair, or a full development of your content.
*Author Coaching and Consultation –
Our published authors mentor you wherever you’re at in the writing process, from creating your book’s road map to writing your book from beginning to “The End.”
*8-Hour Author Program –
No classes, no learning curve … just a professional book that brands you as the Go-To Expert!


Then publish your book with an award-winning publisher!



I offer a free consultation to discuss your business book, memoir, nonfiction, or fiction manuscript. Whether you want to have your cherished book ghostwritten in your words, have what you’ve already written developed and edited, want coaching to help you write your book, or you just need to have it published, you have come to the right place.

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Founder, Owner, CEO


Award-Winning Publisher

Ghostwriting, Editing, and Book Developing to produce Award-Winning and Best-Selling Books
Creator of the 8-Hour Author™ program