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Do you have a powerful story or message you want to share with the world? 

Do you want to write a book but simply don’t know where to start?

Have you started writing your book but found yourself “stuck”?

Do you need to write a book but don’t have time?

Do you need to prove yourself to be the expert because your well-branded competitors get all of the ideal clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! We’d love to chat with you to find out:

  • where you are now with your book and what’s keep you stuck
  • exactly where you want to be (whether you want to write a book yourself or have someone write it for you), and
  • the step-by-step process you need to take to write your book (or have it written), publish it, and become a best-selling author.

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Regardless of where you are in your journey, we can help ease the pain, frustration, and “fear of the unknown” as we take you step-by-step through our strategy of writing and publishing a top-notch book, and even taking it to best seller.

Whether you want to write your own book or have someone write it for you, join me in a free presentation where I’ll reveal why 3% of those who want to write a book actually finish it.

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We specialize in the following services that will take you from
Crafting Your Idea into a Top-Notch Best Seller and Beyond!


Let our best-selling and award-winning ghostwriters turn your book into a page turner so that you can spend your time living your life and taking care of your business.


Our team of seasoned editors meticulously edit your book to ensure it is well-written and reflects your professionalism and excellence.


Transform your manuscript into a book and have it distributed worldwide to over 39,000 retailers and libraries.


You’ve written your book, but there’s something(s) not right. Our team of experienced authors have written best-selling and award-winning books. We love to get under the hood of your book and repair and rebuild its engine so that it will read just how you envisioned it.


Let us take your book to Best Seller and become branded as the go-to expert in your field.


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Great Results, Happy Clients

We couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done in partnership with all of clients, but we’re biased. Have a look for yourself and see what our clients think about us.

“Since becoming a published author, several people seeking the same goal have asked for my advice. It’s quite simple: put together the best product you can and then seek out an editor and publisher who cares as much about your book as you do. I was very fortunate to find Sherrie Clark and the good people of Storehouse Media Group. My book became our book. The process was a very agreeable give and take. Sherrie found a way to make the things that mattered to me work. Sherrie made sure to keep my unique writing style intact, and she kept the reason for my book relevant. In the end, we developed a product I could not be prouder of. You would think that would be it, but our relationship continues to this day. When you find good people in your journey through life, you hold on to them. I highly recommend Sherrie Clark and Storehouse Media Group.”

-Ed Hudson
#1 Best-selling Author of As the Crow Flies
Special Agent (ret.), Florida Department of Law Enforcement

“I am so thankful for Sherrie Clark and the amazing editor she is! I love to write, but my grammar is not good. I sent her my book, and she made a masterpiece out of it. She walked me through every step of the way in editing my book. She is a pro at what she does. Sherrie has a kind heart and really cares about each author she works with. I am so thankful for her, and that is why I choose Storehouse Media Group to edit all my books.”

-Jody Paar

International Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

“After writing my first book Pray America Great, I knew it needed editing. That’s when I met Sherrie Clark, an editor with focus, determination, who totally understood me and my vision. She rolled up her sleeves and dived right in, refusing to come up for air until it met her high standards. Of course, with my tight deadline, that meant working until the early morning hours. The teamwork was beyond amazing, and her dedication is matched by her passion for excellence. I am so proud of my book—it’s not just a book but a professional book that has and continues to provide me with credibility and an increased number and level of opportunities.”

-Donica Hudson
Author of Pray America Great
Podcast Host, TV Host, Sought-after National Speaker

“After putting together my second book, Catch and Release God’s Supernatural, I was referred to Sherrie Clark. She proved herself to be all that I was told about her and more. I sent her my first draft, and she went to work doing an extraordinary job with commitment, passion, and enthusiasm. We were a team as we strategized on different aspects together. At the end, she delivered to me a professional book that I’m proud of, so much so that I’ll be using her for all of my future books.”

-Dr. Andrew M. Nkoyoyo
Author of Catch and Release God’s Supernatural
President, Kingdom Impact Ministry

“Absolutely the Best! Working with Sherrie Clark was the best decision I made when writing my book. Her background and experience in law enforcement was crucial to the editing process of my crime scene memoir. I will definitely work with her again.”

-Tamara Mickelson
Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of Through My Eyes—CSI Memoirs That Haunt the Soul
Retired Sergeant, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

“Never before as a president of two legacy nonprofits, song writer, athlete, and now author, have I met a more amazing writer and editor who can bring together a good story and bring it to life by ensuring each line, paragraph, and chapter flow like a classic movie than author and coach Sherrie Clark!”

-Kenny Mauck
Author of Leaving Your Life Imprint
Endorsed by two NY Times best-selling authors Dave Ramsey and Ken Abraham

“The prompt and practical advice I received from Sherrie Clark and her team was invaluable in getting my debut novel across the finish line. I would recommend the Storehouse Media Group to both novice and experienced authors who seek top notch literary skills along with personal support throughout the publishing process. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

-Malcom Gibson
National Award-Winning Columnist

“I wanted to thank you and your team again for everything you’ve done for me in getting my book launched. I have been very encouraged with the sales and the reviews since the launch.”

-Michael Smigocki, CPA, ABV
Author of Intent to Deceive

“Storehouse Media Group did an excellent job in preparing my book The Ingathering: A Tale of Two Species for publication. Communications through emails and phone calls easily kept the project on track and on time. I am happy with the results and want to thank Sherrie Clark and her staff, particularly Emily Hitchcock and her assistant Elizabeth Jones for working closely with me to completion.”

-Stephanie Langson Canter
Author of The Ingathering

“My experience with Sherrie Clark has been excellent. I gave her my story, and she wrote my books and developed them, turning them into page turners that my readers reported unable to put down. All along the way, she inserted emotional punches that caused my readers to bond with my character. In addition, she created a marketing plan that resulted in my books becoming best sellers. I would recommend Sherrie anytime!”

-Floy Turner
Best-Selling Author Behind Her Miami Badge and Behind Her Special Agent Badge
Special Agent (Ret.), Florida Department of Law Enforcement

“As a first-time author Sherrie Clark’s guidance and direction was incredible. She was informative and educated me as to the publishing process and the things I could do to make Homesick a better story for my audience. Any changes Sherrie recommended were always focused on how the reader might better follow and get involved in the story. She made sure that Homesick is the story I wrote. To say she got me across the finish line in completing this book is an understatement. It is more like she helped me finish the ‘last mile.’ Sherrie was so patient with my questions and concerns, and her quick responses to my emails and phone calls were reassuring. I am thankful for Sherrie Clark, and I know you will be too.”

-Freddie Tyler
Olympic Gold Medalist

“After completing the draft of my first book, I wondered if it was worth pursuing. I needed advice. A trusted friend suggested I contact Sherrie Clark. Sherrie was amazing. Her patience, encouragement and guidance helped me bring that initial draft to the completed book, Consecrated. Not only is Sherrie professional, she is honest and sincere in her desire to help authors. I recommend her highly.”

-Dr. Alix J. Walsh
Best Selling Author

“Sherrie Clark makes Storehouse Media Group what it is. She has been steadfast encouragement, walking me through to the finish with her attention to detail and her wisdom.”

-Lonnie Lane
Co-Author with Sid Roth, Heaven Is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations

“Utilizing the services of Sherrie Clark was one of the best decisions I could have made. I would highly recommend her services. It wasn’t just the professional services that I received but her willingness to answer any and all of my questions about any part of the process without hesitation. I truly can’t say enough positive about Sherrie.”

-Donna Brown
Best-Selling & Award-Winning Author of Behind and Beyond the Badge
Homicide Sergeant (Ret.), Tallahassee Police Department

“Sherrie Clark has always been there for my projects, working on the content and counseling me in ways to market them. She’s the best advocate for the client and desires their success above all, and she approaches assignments with great vision and ideas. I am fortunate to have her apply her many skills in the writing industry to my projects. I can count on her to finish projects, knowing she’s relentless to move forward. Committed, diligent, organized ambitious, focused, ethical, and enduring are just some of the traits I’ve noticed in
Sherrie Clark.”

-Dr. Michele Flemming
CEO, Life Renewal, Inc.

“Through Sherrie Clark’s mentorship, her direction, and her lighthearted, gentle approach, she helped me to create a book that I am incredibly proud of and that will resonate with readers in a compelling and compassionate way. From my initial chicken scratch notes to holding the finished book in my hands (and seeing it on Amazon!), I am forever grateful for Sherrie’s presence. I could not have done it without her and highly recommend anyone looking to do the same to let her grab your hand and help you to soar.”

-Stacy Hawkinds
President & CFO (Chief Flavor Officer)

“Sherrie Clark is the best in the world at creating while giving attention to detail that not many people have. This allows her to execute what she sets out to accomplish. She has a unique ability to see things and ideas in people and then drill upon them, drilling them out, starting small and ending up big!”

-Chandronette Mobley, MBA
Syndicated Podcast Show Host
Author of 6 Children’s Books

“I have taken several author and writing classes and workshops both on site and online. When I took a live phone class facilitated by Sherrie and her partner, it was as if my eyes were opened to a whole new world, yes you can sing that part with me! Lol. I have my notebook from that class from over a year ago, and I treasure it like no other. I am now using tools I acquired in Sherrie’s priceless class to finally build my writing career up. And I can’t wait to get Sherrie involved in the next steps of the process, editing and publishing. She infused excitement in me about what can be! She is a true mentor, and I appreciate her encouragement beyond what words can describe. Thank you, Sherrie!”

-Carmen Tanski
CST Bookkeeping Services
Blog writer, “TheLateLatina,” and “Love Abounds, Parenting Autism”
Branford, CT

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such a professional like Sherrie Clark. Her patience and honesty were very refreshing. Her persistence in making sure that every edit was examined under the scrutiny of facts made it educational as well. Sherrie Clark takes the time to give you the best experience possible and gives you the inspiration to make sure your convictions and story come to life.”

-Paul Schippel
Owner, Tekton Company, LLC

“I’ve worked with Sherrie now for many years running. On every project, Sherrie has gone above and beyond what is expected and promised. In a world where disappointment is seemingly becoming the norm, Sherrie breaks that mold and is a refreshing change of pace.”

-Randy Ganther
Owner, Positive Education Network, LLC
Best-Selling Author

“Sherrie Clark is a very positive, goal-oriented person with great research and writing skills. In addition, she’s trustworthy and great at interacting with people.”

-Audrey Kendrick

“Sherrie Clark’s writing skills are one of her best strengths… nobody does it like Sherrie…followed by her fantastic interviewing skills. I’m amazed at how she always seems to take something complicated and make it simple.”

-Rosilyn Spencer

“Sherrie, I always look forward to learning from you … so thank you for being a great book coach.”

-Sook Marino, MD
Orange Park, Florida

“Along with her very professional skills, Sherrie Clark puts all of her heart into making sure you are putting out a first-class book.”

-Ed Colton
Former missionary to the Underground Church in Mainland China
President, Hearts of Fire, Inc. Ministries

“Sherrie is amazing! She cares about you, and she knows her stuff.”

-Emanuele Sarnelli
Writing Student
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I finished my first book, Steeple Envy, which Sherrie Clark edited. Not only did she do an amazing job, she was great to work with throughout the process. I can’t imagine having a better experience than I did with Sherrie. She is a perfectionist and a professional who takes pride and ownership in the work she does. She communicated clearly and thoroughly with me throughout the process. I would highly recommend Sherrie!”

-Pastor Vic Cuccia

“I had a wonderful experience with Sherrie Clark. She was easy to work with, and I appreciated how she explained her changes and suggestions along the way so that I not only knew why she made the changes, but I could learn for future writing endeavors. I would highly recommend contacting Sherrie. She’s professional and personable. Most importantly, she’s good at what she does.”

-Kay Francis, MFT
Founder & Owner, KW FRANCES

“The day I met Sherrie Clark, my life changed. She always had time for me to answer my questions. She is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge without hesitation. She was very passionate. Thank you, Sherrie, for not only being my friend in need, but a friend indeed.”

-Martha B. Owens
Author, Charlie’s Last Wish, Picking Up the Pieces, and Mississippi Girl

“Sherrie Clark’s work ethic is awesome. She has an eye for detail and operates in a spirit of excellence!!!! She protects all of your information.”

-Kathy Robinson
Minister & Author

“My experience with Sherrie Clark was phenomenal. Sherrie made a very challenging task very simple for me to understand. Furthermore, her patience was amazing! Her expertise blew me away!”

-Lucy Poirer
Founder, Dancing for the Endtime Harvest

“I recommend Sherrie Clark to others because of the satisfaction I received. I was very pleased and highly impressed with her quality of outstanding service that I received. Sherrie is very professional, and I look forward to working with her more in the future.”

-Joyce Hardnett
Radio Show Host
CEO, Destiny Changers Foundation, Inc.

“Sherrie Clark is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to writing. She walked me through the process with patience and understanding. Her expertise helped craft my product for optimal success and led me through the world of marketing. I highly recommend her services.”

-Tracy Pollackov

“Sherrie has a way of capturing exactly what I was trying to convey to the reader, and it still leaves me speechless. She commits 110% to every project. I’m looking forward to working with her on my other future manuscripts.”

-Sheri Powell

“I have never written a book but have many thoughts on paper. Sherrie Clark has given me the tools to start and complete a book with the expertise of editing, proofreading, and marketing. I know my book is in good hands with her professional skills and passion and spirit of excellence.”

-Sherry Colton
President, Hearts of Fire, Inc. Ministries
Former Missionary to the Underground Church in Mainland China

“The first edit Sherrie did on my book was a developmental edit. Finally, someone made the much-sought-after corrections I had been seeking to make it come alive. With each and every edit, I could see how she was taking my manuscript and developing it, turning it into a professional book that would captivate readers. I became more excited. I knew I had a great message, but Sherrie knew how to help me convey it in the right way while making sure I kept my voice throughout.”

-Priscilla Ruiz
Author & Evangelist