Sherrie Clark | Speaker
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Sherrie can be reached directly at 904-955-0567 or at



I am available to speak on the proven and practical tactics that catapult success through engaging communication that can be discovered through exceptional storytelling. It is the wave of the future of communicating in a method that bonds and encourages trust.


As a former NYPD police officer, I became more aware and knowledgeable of how you communicate. Conveying respect for one another, verbally and nonverbally, is crucial in the sensitive world in which we live, especially in 2019.


My topics are shown below and can be tailored to fit what may work best for you. I appreciate the opportunity to present for you at your event.



Bridging the Generational Communication Gaps in the Workplace

A major reason for issues in the workplace comes from poor communication either by the recipient, the communicator, or both. Furthermore, the ever-evolving digital age has created further issues within organizations in how staff communicates with each other as well as externally. Finding a balance with different personalities, temperaments, backgrounds, and viewpoints can be a challenge. The art of communication is lost, and we must get back to the basics to both prevent and diffuse miscommunication in the workplace.


  • How to articulate your message from the recipient’s viewpoint
  • Interpreting the other person’s body language
  • Keeping Millennials engaged during communication
  • 4 types of verbal communication, what they are, and how to use them.
  • Recognizing and communicating effectively with the 5 temperament types
  • How to increase the odds that your texts and emails are not perceived in the wrong way



Communicating through Storytelling

Communication has evolved and storytelling is a huge part of it; in fact, it’s one of the most powerful communication tools for making a long-lasting impact. Everyone has a story, but few know how to tell them. Creating the right dialog will ensure you capture the other person’s attention. Evoking the right emotions through the stories you tell is key to persuasion. Storytelling allows you to communicate an engaging and memorable message that your recipient or audience will want to hear.


  • Use the power of storytelling to convey a memorable message
  • Creative ways to hook and engage your listener using your story
  • How to use gestures and dialogue to convey the point of the story
  • My Pro Tips for storytelling to get your audience to retain what you said
  • Evoke the right emotions to get your point across
  • Learn how to persuade others with your message


The Art and Science of Time Management

Time is a limited and unmerciful resource, yet it is a resource of which many of us try to push the boundaries. If not managed properly, it can create a domino effect that leads to stress and conflict within our professional and personal relationships and even within ourselves. Not only can we stay within time’s stringent boundaries, but we can gain control over it so that we can stop running on the rat’s wheel and accomplish more with each day, week, and long term. You just need to know how to manage your time smarter and not struggle.


  • Prioritizing and organizing your time
  • Steps to time-manage your daily activities and appointments
  • How to insert extra time into your full schedule to fulfill your dreams
  • Easy and doable ways to manage non-routine and out-of-the-ordinary events in an already full schedule
  • The smart system on using your time schedule to accept or reject new opportunities and reduce your wasted time. (Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.)

For more information

Sherrie can be reached directly at 904.955.0567 or