Sherrie Clark | book specialist
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It started with a story…

Sherrie Clark has been a professional writer and editor since 2004. She started her career by writing copy—newsletters, brochures, and other forms of copy—as the executive director of a flourishing nonprofit. She knew from public speaking as well as personal experience that the most powerful way for her audience to “get it” and retain the information was through stories.

Since then, she has applied that logic to masterfully pulling information out of her clients and then developing and crafting it in a way that builds authority and credibility for them. As a result, she has become a sought-after Ghostwriter, Editor, and Book Developer, earning the name “Page-Turner Queen.

Sherrie also created the 8-Hour Author™ program where she helps busy professionals create the first draft of their book in 8 hours before editing and publishing their books that surpass industry standards.

So, whether you need to write a business book to brand yourself and set you apart as the go-to expert in your field, or you want a memoir depicting your life, Sherrie can take you wherever you’re at and help you produce a well-written, professional, and captivating book. From coaching you in how to write your book the right way or simply writing your book for you, she ensures that your book maintains your voice, and that it’s done with excellence. She realizes that your name will be on the cover of that book forever and will represent you.

Your story matters; isn’t it time you wrote yours? Getting the process started can begin with a conversation. Contact Sherrie for a free no-obligation consultation to see how she can help you with any of the below services: