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About me


Communication Strategist, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author




SHERRIE CLARK is a best-selling and award-winning author, ghostwriter, editor, and publisher who prides herself in raising up best-selling and award-winning authors. Sherrie has spoken before audiences of all sizes regarding social issues and communication through storytelling and writing books. She intertwines her storytelling skills from her human resources days in corporate and in nonprofits, from working in the NYPD public service sector, and as an entrepreneur and small business owner.


Sherrie is the CEO of Storehouse Media Group and co-owner of Book Concept 2 Best Seller. She works with aspiring authors to ghostwrite their dreams and messages, coach or consult with them, edit and develop their books, and publish them, all totaling over 80 books since 2010, including 4 of her own best-selling and award-winning books: Small Voices Silenced, Behind Her Miami Badge, Behind Her Special Agent Badge, and Behind Her Criminal Investigator’s Badge. She’s currently writing a book about communication titled Wash Your Mouth Out with Soap.


When Sherrie speaks, her enthusiasm shines as she combines her skills and passion to teach others how to convey a compelling and captivating message. She shares her knowledge, skills, and leadership experience at conferences, through online classes, with one-on-one coaching, and speaking on radio shows.


Communication importance became obvious during Sherrie’s years as a NYPD police officer where she graduated in the top of her class at the New York City Police Academy. Whether it was with a crime victim, colleague, boss, or offender, she learned that what was said and how it was said, verbally and nonverbally, affected many lives on many levels. Sherrie brings extra entertainment to the forefront when sharing her lively experiences.


Sherrie has been a host and guest of multiple radio and television shows, including the weekly radio show God, Where Were You When where she interviewed guests live each week. Within a year, her show was recruited to become part of Lester Sumrall’s LeSEA Broadcasting Network.


Sherrie has been spotlighted in BOSS magazine, a women’s leadership magazine. The article was titled “Sherrie Clark: After the Badge.”


She has been dubbed the “Page-Turner Queen” because of her ability to communicate through storytelling and skillfully pull stories and messages out of people. She then masterfully crafts them in a way that gives her clients credibility and value so that they can become the go-to expert in their profession.


Sherrie advanced her professional communication skills while writing copy for marketers, businesses, and non-profit organizations. She writes for the B2B market and is a proud member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance.


Sherrie holds her Masters of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling, License in Clinical Christian Counseling, and Certification in Temperament Counseling.


She was a writer for the high-profile Justice Coalition’s award-winning newspaper Victims’ Advocate, where her articles were the lead stories on the paper’s front page. She was also the founder of the domestic violence ministry Oasis of Peace where she served as the executive director.


She became a foster parent and served on the board of directors of the Greater Jacksonville Foster/Adoptive Parent Association. The best part of her tenure was adopting her daughter, a special-needs baby.


She has served on the Northeast Florida Human Trafficking Task Force.


Sherrie has enjoyed every role and phase of her life. She feels each one has contributed to where she’s at now, doing what she’s most passionate about, and fulfilling the adage, “Do what you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

For more information

Sherrie (and her unique writing style that breathes life into books) can be reached directly at 904.955.0567 or